100% INSTANT OATS 2.5kg

Our 100% Instant Oats Powder are the perfect addition to breakfast time - ideal for making a quick and easy shake to fuel you throughout the day.

These instant oats are packed with carbohydrates, to power your training and support recovery, and are a source of fibre and delivers 11g of protein - ideal for supporting your muscles.

Instant oats are a great option for a healthy breakfast which is easy, quick and fits into any lifestyle. Oats also have great nutritionals — our 100% Instant Oats contain 62g of carbohydrates in every serving, helping your recovery after workouts,1 as well as 11g of protein supporting the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.2

Plus, they’re super-versatile — you can enjoy them on their own as porridge or overnight oats, add them to shakes and smoothies for a calorie boost, or even use them in your bakes.


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